Hot Tub Covers That Don't Get Heavy

Hot Tub Covers That Make Sense

Finally spa owners have a choice. The Arctic SpaCap Hot Tub Covers are truly the next generation in Hot Tub Covers. Even so, they have been around for years. Recently we received an order for a replacement hot tub cover from a customer we had not heard from in years. He explained that he had his old SpaCap for years and loved it, but a tree had fallen on it so he felt it was time to replace it. Not so unusual. A tree falling on the spa would likely cause that kind of damage to any spa cover. What made it interesting was that it had been twenty one years since he purchased the cover he was replacing. Rats, his old cover had just lived long enough that it was legally able to drink and it got hit by a tree.

The Arctic SpaCap is built to last but even so, they typically don't last this long. However, no rigid foam filled hot tub cover will ever come close to that unless it is left in the box it came in and never used on a spa.

The Arctic SpaCap can handle any wind storm, hail storm or snow load without breaking or saturating. Add to that the fact that it insulates better with less evaporation and condensation it helps the hot tub keep the spa water warm, using less energy, and requiring fewer chemicals! Without rigid foam the Arctic SpaCap, will never break, warp or get heavy.

With all the technology and changes the world has gone through, isn't it time to stop using rigid foam hot tub covers that will just get heavy or break?

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A Kinder Replacement Hot Tub Cover...

Spa Cover in Two Tone Blue

Introducing the Arctic SpaCap, worlds apart from ordinary hot tub covers. Anyone that has owned their hot tub for a few years has had to replace the cover that came with the spa. Hot Tubs have been around for years and gone through a lot of improvements. Seems like there should have been some improvement on Hot Tub Covers too. Instead of replacing the hot tub cover with another rigid foam spa cover that will forever end up saturated, heavy or broken, spa owners can now get an Arctic SpaCap that uses air to insulate. These revolutionary covers have natural dome shape that repels rain and debris so that they don't end up in the Hot Tub. Even more incredible is that this light weight cover will never blow away in the wind because there is no rigid surface that might create lift in high winds. The Arctic SpaCap will stay in place even in gale force winds.

The Arctic SpaCap has over thirty years of proven performance all over the world. Because the bottom of this unique Hot Tub Cover rest right on the water surface instead of trying to make a bridge over the spa, it can handle any snow load. These covers have survived hurricanes, record snowfalls, punishing hail storms and because the outer fabric is Sunbrella™ marine fabric they stay clean and looking as good as the first day.

Is An Arctic SpaCap Really Better?

Light Weight SpaCap Hot Tub Covers

There are many reasons that an air filled hot tub cover makes sense but the most vital are simply that rigid foam don't. Every rigid foam filled spa cover ever sold ends up the same, either broken, too heavy to lift or both. Add to that the number of people injured every year because of heavy foam hot tub covers and a person should wonder why we still see them around at all.

Another strike against the typical rigid foam hot tub covers are the fact that it never actually comes in contact with the spa water it is supposedly keeping insulated. Because of this the average hot tub cover is allowing steam to rise, cool, condense and fall back into the hot tub which actually makes the spa work harder to maintain a consistent temperature.

By contrast the flexible, air filled Arctic SpaCap rests right on the water surface which virtually eliminates the evaporation condensation cycle. Plus, with the insulation resting right on the water the Arctic SpaCap starts insulating at the water rather than trying to do so from several inches above like a traditional cover. Putting the insulation right on the water not only makes sense, it works!